Welcome to the website of the Law Firm Henner Janzen.

Henner Janzen established his private practice of law in Hamburg, Germany, in the summer of 2001. His work focuses on sports law, an agency representing professional soccer players and on all aspects of facility development and stadium construction. In all of these areas, he cooperates closely with an international network of competent partners.


A fully qualified lawyer, Henner Janzen speaks five languages and has worked professionally as an attorney in Germany and Brazil. In a previous position as in-house counsel for the Bundesliga soccer team Hertha BSC Berlin, he was responsible for the management of all legal issues involved in the Berlin Olympic Stadium redevelopment project.

In cooperation with partners in various countries and sectors, Henner Janzen advises, guides, and supports a number of international soccer players, evaluates talented athletes and facilitates contacts between athletic associations, teams, players, and advisers with complementary areas of competence, especially in North and South America, Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia.

World Cup 2006: Team USA

During the 2006 Soccer World Cup in Germany, Henner Janzen accompanied the team and delegation of the USA as its official »Team Liaison Officer«. In this function, he was responsible for local logistical coordination and organization at all venues, facilitated bilingual communication with officials and other contacts, and ensured the smooth functioning of all aspects of the team’s stay in Germany during the tournament.